Fees for 2019

Greetings PGC Members

The end of the year is at hand and we need to look into the future that is 2019….

We are all currently experiencing the financial  horrors that we find ourselves in . One needs only to think of the fuels prices …..to mention but one of our many challenges.


Who would think that this is the gun that evokes the most fear in South Africa??



Life is like a piece of string…if you pull at the one end.. the other end gets shorter..

You are all aware that PGC subscription fees are not increasing and you will thus pay the 2018 Subscription Fee for the 2019 golfing year. This string has now been pulled..the other side must get shorter . To enable us to meet our financial targets and commitments the Executive as approved (yes we all voted) to increase the Green Fees from 01 January 2019.

All categories of Green Fees applicable to all MEMBERS will increase by R10.00 from

01 January 2019. (the short end of the string…)

Due to the rampant misuse of the Reciprocity and Affiliation Fee System these fees will be scrapped from 01 January 2019 (this was also voted on by the Exco and approved….) Bearing in mind that Polokwane Golf Club is a MEMBERS club and with the Buddy System now in place (where you can effectively become a full member at half the price) we will from 01 January 2019 only have two categories of players at PGC.

Members and Non-members

Members will pay the Green Fees applicable to members form 01 January 2019. Non-members Green Fees will be R400.00 for 18 holes and R200.00 for 9 holes.

The Friday Special will still be in place.

 The Sunday Special is increased to R250.00 unlimited golf (no 9 hole option)- This is for non-members. Members will be liable for the normal MEMBER green fee.


Len Olley

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