Captain’s Pen June

Polokwane Golf Club
The winter is officially here but that is not going to stop us playing the game we love. 
A new water pump was installed and secured at the pump-house at the dam between the 13th and 17th fairway after someone willfully helped himself one night in April. This water pump will help to water the golf course in the coming dry months especially the dry fairways till the spring rains arrive. Thank you Jan for your unselfish service, it is highly appreciated.
Take note that the hollow tining of all greens will take place on Monday 19 August 2019.
There is no hiding from it that the golf club course equipment is old and costly to maintain and a lot of equipment must be replaced and due to that the PGC committee will have a Golf Day on Friday 12 July 2019 where all funds will go to this Equipment Fund. I ask each and every member to support this golf day with all its arranged activities to make it a success, as we all will benefit – watch the space.
Thank you to all members that paid there club fees and to those members that still owe the club, I humbly ask you to settle your account or make an arrangement with the options available at the Club Manager office. It is the month of June already and there is absolutely no excuse for non payment and enjoying the benefits of PGC.
Lastly enjoy your golf, play fair, speed up play, respect others and the condition of the course and capture your true score on HNA.
Quote of the month – No matter how good you get you could always get better and that is the exciting part – Tiger Woods

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