Captain’s Pen – February 2020

January 2020 passed so quickly and we are a month away from Fall. The rain this Summer was not what we had hoped for. May we be blessed with the much-needed rain during February in the whole Limpopo.


New equipment was purchased to assist the greens with air ration to prevent it from getting more dollar spots and patches of grass dying on the greens. Green specialists are consulted on a frequent basis to assist the Manager and PGC committee in maintaining the greens for upcoming events. The installation of new sprinklers on the fairways is an ongoing project till all fairways have been properly equipped with.


Yearly membership fees are coming in slowing and we ask members to pay their subs as quickly as possible to assist PGC in maintaining the daily costs of the club. The golf cart parking and path is under construction and will be completed in the coming week to be ready for the SANDF golf day on Wednesday with 144 players in the field. The parking area and path will enhance the course and help the congestion in front of the ProShop. Sorry for the inconvenience.


The room next to the bar is also under construction to accommodate the smokers of the club. This includes a pool deck and braai facilities which can be used by all golf club members, their friends and family in future. Take note that this will be a smokers area. Many thanks to the sponsors and members involved in managing the building project.


On a more serious note, I want to address the constant negative comments and complaints about the condition of the course, service and staff and how we as PGC committee should run and manage the facilities. We as a committee do not mind suggestions or complaints and we invite all members to raise their concerns, complaints or suggestions in a constructive manner via a meeting, letter or email and to be part of the solution and in solving problems or issues. As a committee, we guide and assist the club management in the day to day activities and on how to run the club as professional and profitable as possible. The PGC committee will make mistakes and we will learn from our mistakes.  We will always put the club and members first even with limited resources. PGC is a member-based club with no support from any mine or company and with limited support from Polokwane Municipality currently. Our main source of income comes from our yearly member fees, competitions, sponsored golf days and from our loyal sponsors.


While speaking of the sources of income, we have a list below of all the sponsorship opportunities still available. Please help us in filling those spots


Three quotes of the late President Kennedy of America come to mind: 

–          “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” 

–          “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”  

–          “Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”


I want to promote the attitude of thankfulness to all our members and sponsors to embrace the thought that we still have a golf club with facilities. We all have a part to play to support and assist PGC to be the best golf club in Limpopo, where you can invite your family and friends to enjoy the club facilities at any time  – be part of the solution.


Lastly the yearly club scratch league and club nett league competitions are to start in February 2020 – watch the notice board at the Pro Shop to place your name under Polokwane 01 (Raoul Van Zyl – Captain) or Polokwane 02 (Jan Nel as acting Captain) to participate in the Limpopo club league competitions against other clubs.




Wynand Pretorius

082 874-3890

The end Year 2019

The year is rushing to an end and the festive season is around the corner and we were blessed with some rain after some scorching days in October and November.
I believe with my whole heart that we will be blessed with more good rains in the coming weeks. The greens look good and will improve every week to be ready for the upcoming summer events and the fairways will heal and improve with the frequent application of fertilisers. I would like to thanks Jan Nel and his ground staff for their hard work which is often taken for granted. It is sometimes easy to sit on the side and criticize the way things are done but the reality of available resources will always play a massive role. 
Thank you very much for everybody that participated in the Dennis Hutchinson Tribute Golf day with Dales Hayes as master of ceremony. Thanks also to all sponsors and especially PanSolutions. The renovated PGC wall with Golf Hall of Fame inductee Retief Goosen is a welcome site as it pays great tribute to a local golf hero.
On a more serious note, a tendency of faulty capturing of actual gross scores on the HNA system by PGC members is becoming the norm and an embarrassment as golf is considerate as a gentlemen’s game of integrity. The PGC disciplinary committee conducted a few disciplinary hearings in the past week on PGC members that intentionally captured higher or lower scores than that was actually scored on more than one occasion. These transgressions will not be tolerated at all and strict action will be taken against guilty members. Certain club members were suspended for three months and others for one month and handicap indexes were penalised accordingly. Dezi Earle in the ProShop has been appointed as the official HNA system score controller and monitor and all discrepancies will be reported to the PGC committee for further action. Any queries or adjustments should be referred to Dezi and no one else, please.
It is the task of each golfer to ensure that his marker and his own score correspond before being signed, submitted and captured. Enjoy your game, play fair, speed up play and respect the rules of golf and please do not damage the greens when you are frustrated.
Membership fees for 2020 are available at the PGC office (Daleen) and all active members have been emailed with their respective invoices. Please ensure that your contact details and email addresses are up to date. The onus is always on each member to communicate any changes to the PGC office. Embrace the BUDDY SYSTEM and try to get more of your friends and family to join PGC. 
Congratulations to Polokwane 2 team that won the Limpopo Club League Final against Kameeldoring GC and to Polokwane 3 (Albatrosse) team that ended up third playing off against Tzaneen GC.
On behalf of the PGC committee, we wish you all a blessed festive season surrounded by family and friends and safe travels and a joyous reunion in the new year 2020.
Your Captain – Wynand Pretorius
Well my dad was a pretty good player at one stage and my two older brothers played golf as well. So there were always golf clubs flying around the house” – Retief Goosen.
Golf is a game of ego, but is also a game of integrity: the most important thing is you do what is right when no one is looking” – Tom Watson

Captain’s Pen June

Polokwane Golf Club
The winter is officially here but that is not going to stop us playing the game we love. 
A new water pump was installed and secured at the pump-house at the dam between the 13th and 17th fairway after someone willfully helped himself one night in April. This water pump will help to water the golf course in the coming dry months especially the dry fairways till the spring rains arrive. Thank you Jan for your unselfish service, it is highly appreciated.
Take note that the hollow tining of all greens will take place on Monday 19 August 2019.
There is no hiding from it that the golf club course equipment is old and costly to maintain and a lot of equipment must be replaced and due to that the PGC committee will have a Golf Day on Friday 12 July 2019 where all funds will go to this Equipment Fund. I ask each and every member to support this golf day with all its arranged activities to make it a success, as we all will benefit – watch the space.
Thank you to all members that paid there club fees and to those members that still owe the club, I humbly ask you to settle your account or make an arrangement with the options available at the Club Manager office. It is the month of June already and there is absolutely no excuse for non payment and enjoying the benefits of PGC.
Lastly enjoy your golf, play fair, speed up play, respect others and the condition of the course and capture your true score on HNA.
Quote of the month – No matter how good you get you could always get better and that is the exciting part – Tiger Woods

Fees for 2019

Greetings PGC Members

The end of the year is at hand and we need to look into the future that is 2019….

We are all currently experiencing the financial  horrors that we find ourselves in . One needs only to think of the fuels prices … mention but one of our many challenges.


Who would think that this is the gun that evokes the most fear in South Africa??



Life is like a piece of string…if you pull at the one end.. the other end gets shorter..

You are all aware that PGC subscription fees are not increasing and you will thus pay the 2018 Subscription Fee for the 2019 golfing year. This string has now been pulled..the other side must get shorter . To enable us to meet our financial targets and commitments the Executive as approved (yes we all voted) to increase the Green Fees from 01 January 2019.

All categories of Green Fees applicable to all MEMBERS will increase by R10.00 from

01 January 2019. (the short end of the string…)

Due to the rampant misuse of the Reciprocity and Affiliation Fee System these fees will be scrapped from 01 January 2019 (this was also voted on by the Exco and approved….) Bearing in mind that Polokwane Golf Club is a MEMBERS club and with the Buddy System now in place (where you can effectively become a full member at half the price) we will from 01 January 2019 only have two categories of players at PGC.

Members and Non-members

Members will pay the Green Fees applicable to members form 01 January 2019. Non-members Green Fees will be R400.00 for 18 holes and R200.00 for 9 holes.

The Friday Special will still be in place.

 The Sunday Special is increased to R250.00 unlimited golf (no 9 hole option)- This is for non-members. Members will be liable for the normal MEMBER green fee.


Len Olley